Ausmesh Is A Recognized Brand Name



Australian Mesh commenced production in early 1989 using the registered name “Ausmesh” Since that time; Australian Mesh has established Ausmesh as the recognized name in roof safety in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.


Ausmesh is the pre-eminent name in the building industry for roof safety mesh and a product with wide recognition for quality.


Ausmesh Promotes a Safe Work Environment



The primary activity of Australian Mesh is the manufacture and distribution of roof safety mesh.  The mesh is laid over the roof plane of a building and acts as a safety net.  It enables a tradespersons to safely place his foot through the mesh onto the building portal structure to load packs of roofing.  The confidence that comes from sureness of foot and the mesh acting as a safety net prevents the risk and injury of a fall.  Moreover, these characteristics improve worker productivity by increasing their confidence and speed of movement in the roof laying process.


Brief History of Operations



The concept of using a light gauge mesh over the roof plane evolved from the requirements for a safe working environment contained in the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1985.  To manufacture the light gauge mesh a H.A. Schlatter mesh welding machine was commissioned and imported from Switzerland.  This was after an unsuccessful search of Australian and other manufacturers to source a product that would meet Australian standards.  The machine is designed to have a 300mm stroke, enabling production of mesh having longitudinal wire spacing’s up to 150mm and cross wire spacing’s up to 300mm.  Spacing’s of 150mm x 300mm allow a person to put their foot through the mesh onto the portal structure.


Australian Mesh has been instrumental in developing the Australian market for safety roof mesh since 1989.  This has been achieved through:


Active lobbying of the various State Government Departments of                                     Labour to introduce legislation stating that the preferred method for safe work on roofs is to lay mesh over the whole roof plane.  Australian Mesh has obtained building industry union support for this position; and


lobbying which assisted in changing the Australian and New Zealand Standard to include 2mm safety mesh as an alternative to 3.15mm safety mesh which was required under skylights.  This has resulted in only one mesh size being acceptable for all building sites.


Growth of the Company



Our first machine commenced operation in 1989.  A second machine was installed at our Melbourne complex in November 2003.  In January 2008 our third machine was operational at Yatala in Queensland.

Since 2014, Australian Mesh has been affiliated with the Protective Group in NSW. This has allowed us to increase our distribution capabilities in NSW.

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