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Industrial Needs

Ausmesh 300 Roof Mesh

AUSMESH 300 consists of 2mm galvanised wire with a tensile strength exceeding 450mpa. The longitudinal wires are spaced at 150mm centres with crosswires spaced at 300mm centres. The rolls are available either 1800mm, 2250mm or 2400mm wide and are supplied in standard 50metre rolls or cut to the length of the roof run.

The product is also available PVC-coated for use in corrosive environments. When used for roofing, Ausmesh becomes a permanent fixture for the life of the building and provides the required safe working environment throughout initial roof installation and for any maintenance work in the future.

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A fully-meshed roof with Ausmesh 300


Safety mesh being manufactured - QLD Branch

PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh

PVC Coated Mesh is manufactured from 2mm galvanised mesh and then coated and baked with Plastic Vinyl Coating. This product will not corrode, fade or crack.

Australian Mesh is the ONLY company in Australia with a continuous feed-out of PVC coated wired.

PVC coating is not affected by high salinity, acidity, or alkalinity, and is therefore ideal for use in chemical factories, swimming pools, and intensive animal farming facilities (piggeries, chicken sheds, etc.). It is suitable for coastal areas and regions affected by salinity.

PVC coated mesh is also particularly useful for Tree and Shrub Guards, Garden Edging, Trellis Mesh, and Pet Enclosures.

Two colours (White and Black) are available to blend with insulation materials or the underside of decking, for aesthetic good looks in sporting and entertainment complexes.

Furthermore, PVC coated Ausmesh is not sensitive to UV light. This is especially relevant where skylights are used.

PVC White installed on the Waverley Netball Centre, Melbourne



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Ausmesh is ideal for fencing and barriers, especially in revegetation areas. PVC coated mesh is ideal for saline areas, such as beaches and foreshores, for it will not rust, fade or corrode.

For example, PVC coated mesh was used in some parts of the Dingo Fence in South Australia. Our company worked in cooperation with the South Australian Government to replace corroding fencing skirts of the 'Dog Fence', affected by the saline environment.

Sections of the old fencing skirts before being replaced with PVC coated Ausmesh

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Home & Garden

There are various uses for our products around the home. PVC coated mesh is most useful in outdoor areas, as it will not rust, crack or fade. PVC coated mesh is available in a choice of colours: Black, White, Green

  • Fencing
  • Pet enclosures
  • Tomato climbers
  • Tree guards
  • Trellis or Espalier
  • Covering for Pergolas and Balconies

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